Not all video projects are the same. Some require planning and pre-production, while others are a little more straight forward and only require filming and post production. But the level of care and attention to detail will ensure your story is told authentically while building your brand awareness.


Our video production services can be catered to your specific business needs across an array of industries.

Brand Films


What is your brand mission? What is your vision? Brand films are a cinematic declaration of your identity and values that can help potential clients get a window to your brand.

You already know how great your brand is, now it's time to share your vision with the world!

Event Videography


Have an event planned? Event videos are a great way to extend your reach to people who could not attend, while giving them FOMO so they don't miss the next event you plan. 

Corporate Films

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Do you need to convey your message in a business setting?  Corporate films communicate that message to a specific audience. Remember, corporate film does not mean it has to be dry and dull, we can inject creativity and engagement so that you can impress and inform your clients or internal staff.

Social Media Reels


With all the noise on social media today, it is more important than ever to have a strong online presence. Social media videos are a great way to stand out and grab viewers attention quickly. Given the vast amount of time we spend watching videos online, building a library of high quality, easily digestible social media reels will keep your followers engaged, while driving more people to your platform.

Short Form Documentary

Short form documentaries

Large media organisations as well smaller independent companies make use of short documentaries that are story based and cinematic. Short form documentaries can deliver great amounts of information while communicating a deeper human journey. It has the features of a long form documentary but condensed into a shorter piece for online consumption.

Training Videos


Need to teach your staff or clients how to use a product? In this fast paced and socially distanced world we don't always have the time to do multiple training sessions in person. Training videos are a great way to reach a wider audience and give them a reference to learn at their own pace from anywhere.

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